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Allen Goins Outdoors, LLC

Herd Evolution® is a premium, year-round feeding program formulated for optimal herd health and maximum antler potential. Herd Evolution® was created by Allen Goins, a fellow hunter, who grew up hunting in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and is now based in Richmond, KY. Allen wanted to do more than just attract deer; he wanted to attract and feed healthy deer, so he began to study their eating habits and being unsatisfied with the quick fix, low quality feed available…he decided to create his own.

A meeting with ConQuest™ Scents founder, Doug "The Deer Professor" Roberts, confirmed what Allen suspected: The entire herd benefits from eating the highest digestible intake of high quality vitamins and nutrients. It was also evident that during different times of the year, the herd requires different protein and energy levels. Allen started working to create a year-round feeding program based on the one that Doug uses on his farm.

This feeding program is now available to hunters across the country and includes two formulas: one for the spring and summer, and another for the fall and winter. Both mixes are 100% digestible and contain high quality ingredients like dried molasses and cracked corn (which is easier for deer to digest than whole corn) and a perfect ratio of protein, vitamins, and minerals to ensure a lifetime of optimal health and ideal weight.  By feeding the herd what they’re attracted to, they are forced to “take their vitamins” while feeding.

Herd Evolution® Spring/Summer Mix has 20% Protein with a blend of the highest digestible intake of vitamins and nutrients for maximum growth when less energy is required to thrive.

Herd Evolution® Fall/Winter Mix has 14% Protein with a blend of the highest digestible intake of vitamins and nutrients that supply the energy needed to not just survive but thrive.

It comes down to this: If you want to maximize genetic antler potential, you must feed the entire herd year-round. Herd Evolution® is based on the feeding program that Doug uses on his deer farm and it's what he contributes to his success of his whitetail deer. If your goal is optimal antler potential then start feeding now with Herd Evolution®!